Thursday, 11 December 2008

Introducing 'Ipswich Ben'

Another week, another quick-fire chat with a Team Ledge-er. This week, it's the turn of Ipswich Ben - a Suffolk lad who originates from East Anglia and now resides in the splendid ciy of Leicester. That's him below with a cuppa. Well, we're sure you'll make feel as welcome as we have.

Ledge: So How old are you? Ben: 19 years young.

Ledge: How long you been skating for? Ben: Not long enough.

Ledge: What was your first proper trick? Ben: I rolled off a ramp into a 50-50 on a kerb.

Ledge: Did anyone actually witness that? Ben: Yes, a BMXer called Sam.

Ledge: Is that ‘Ipswich Sam’? Ben: No, cause he lived in Trimley.

Ledge: Where the hell is that? Ben: You know the guy that killed all the prostitutes in Ipswich? Well he lived there.

Ledge: Ermm, nice. Let’s get back to it. So what would your ideal day consist of? Ben: A new city that I’ve never visited, A dry cool day good for skating, with a bunch of like-minded friends exploring the city.

Ledge: And what would be your ideal getup? Ben: New but worn in Vans, Stretchy jeans, New smelling Tee shirt Jacket or hood by Independent.

Ledge: So how long have you been in Leicester now then? Ben: About two years now.

Ledge: And what do you do when you’re not skating for The Ledge? Ben: I’m doing photography at college.

Ledge: So where do you see yourself in five years time? Ben: In a wheelchair cause I’ve skated so much! Haha!

Ledge: Britney Spears or Girls Aloud? Ben: No contest, Girls Aloud. Britney’s fat!

Ledge: Fair enough. So fnd Finally, what’s on your iPod? Ben: Sub Divisions by Rush.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Inroducing Josh Walters...

This week, we’re taking time out to chat to Josh Walters of Team Ledge. He's our very own skate scoundrel and we caught him in store to grab a quick Q&A session with him. We've also got a couple of cool photos of Josh that we've thrown in to the mix. Enjoy!

Q#1. How old are you Josh? I'm 16 years old.

Q#2. How long you been skating for? About 5 years and 6 months.

Q#3. So why did you start skating? The voices in my head said DO IT!

Q#4. What was your first ever trick? A back flip up a kerb. Nah it was a front flip down the same kerb!

Q#5. You taking the mick? Tick tack...

Q#6. Thanks for the who influences you the most? Geoff Rowley, Tony Trujillo and Sammy Baca.

Q#7. So you're rocking a lot of Vans recently...why? 'Cause they're blatantly bad boys and everyone who skates for Vans is fuckin' rad.

Q#8. So tell us, where's your favourite spot? Any street transition...

Q#9. Finally, what's your favourite Vans product at The Ledge? The Vans TNT 4. It's Tony Trujillo's fourth pro shoe from the Vans stable.

Thanks Josh mate. Catch ya soon...

Mike of Team Ledge

If you're a regular reader of our email newsletter, you'll remember that we spoke to Mike Simons a couple of weeks back.

Mike's a skater for Team Ledge, a skate school instructer at Leicester's Boardroom and our very own 70's punk-rocker wannbe.

He's landed a part-time job working with us on Fridays and Saturdays, so he's certainly an all-rounder. We asked him:

Q#1. How old are you? I'm 18 and been skating for 5 Years now.

Q#2. Is it true you used to do ballet? Ha! Yeah...a long time ago though!

Q#3. What's your favourite trick? Street Grabs.

Q#4. Who are your favourite skaters? Corey Duffel and David Gravette

Q#5. What kinda music do you listen to? I love all the 70's stuff! The Ramones, The Germs, New York Dolls, The Scientists and Bob Dylan.

Mike's a big fan of Vans and picked out this Vans 'Off The Wall' white tee as his product of the week.

It looks as good over a long-sleeved tee in the winter as it does with shorts in the summer. Perfectly versatile and a true skate classic!

Grab it now for just £21.99...

New stock: DC Spartan Highs

Check out our new DC Spartan Highs, shown here in white and turquoise.

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