Sunday, 26 April 2009

No Hassall

The shop’s been busy since the summer sun showed its unrecognisable face a few weeks back…’tho we did managed to have a catch-up with Ledge star, top friend and great rider Mr Matt Hassall to ask him a questions.

Ledge: OK Matt, we’re gonna start off with the usual questions. How old are ya?
Matt: 25 years old

Ledge: And how long you been riding for now?
Matt: Well, since I could walk really.

Ledge: Who influences you the most?
Matt: When I started out, it was the old skool riders like Joe Rich and Nate

Ledge: And now?
Matt: Van Homan and Edwin DeLaRosa.

Ledge: Wicked. So have you always lived in Leicester?
Matt: Not always. I had a two-year stint on the south coast in Portsmouth

Ledge: What were you doing all the way down that way?
Matt: Being a bum and riding. The guys down there made me take my brakes off.

Ledge: So what is it with no brakes?
Matt: It makes the bike look cleaner and you have no option to back out. It’s do or die if you know what I mean.

Ledge: Is it against the law?
Matt: Not in a skatepark!

Ledge: Have you ever been arrested?
Matt: No but I have had a severe dressing down once.

Ledge: So what do you do for a living?
Matt: I’m a cycle coach in schools teaching kids about bike ability. I’m also a photographer.

Ledge: What’s your favourite thing to ride?
Matt: The Street

Ledge: How about some of your favourite spots?
Matt: Portsmouth is full of great spots. Broadmarsh banks in Nottingham, Leicester Uni and De Montford are all good.

Ledge: What’s your favourite trick?
Matt: Heel Clicker. Everyone knows me for that.

Ledge: Where can we check your skills out?
Matt: Go to

Here's Matt doing what he does best at Leicester's Boardroom.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Summer On Lock

'Summer On Lock' is a Leicester scene video that will feature loads of locals and ledges very own Mike Simons. Here's the trailer...