Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The Ryan Wright Stuff

Meet Ryan; skater, lover, fighter and out-and-out street king!

He’s our very own tattooed assassin and Shop Assistant extrodanaire. He’s got a passion for decorating his body and a zeal for all things skate.

Here's what he had to say when we bugged him at the shop counter one recent afternoon:

Q#1. So Ryan, how old are you? Ermm, 18. I'll be 19 in December.

Q#2. How long you been skating for? Five years now.

Q#3. And how long you worked at The Ledge? Two years now.

Q#4. What's the most bizzare request you've had in the shop? I was once asked whether we had a pink, furry princess outfit for for someone’s daughter to rollerskate in.
Q#5. What ya skatin right now? My Ledge 8" deck, Thunder Trucks, Black Label 52mm wheels. Sick!

Q#6. What's your favourite trick? Ollie North

Q#7. How many tattoos have you got now? I think I’ve lost count now! The most recent ones are on my knuckles as you can see in my pic.

Q#8. Did it hurt? Nah, not really...I’m used to it now.

Q#9. Are you gonna stop? I’ll stop when I run out of space.

Sunday Brizzles

This weekend (Sunday to be precise!) sees The Boardroom Skatepark in Leicester hold its third annual skateboard competition and The Ledge is proud to be sponsoring the event.

That means that The Ledge Team riders will be there and there will also be loads of crackin' prizes and giveaways!

There will be a range of comps from under 16s right through to the professionals with trophies and prizes to be won in all categories. The day will be kicking off at around 11am so prepare yourself for an early start this Sunday.

Entry is £5 for skaters and £2 for spectators. not only that, but it's a great way to support a well-designed indoor skate park and ensure the day goes off with a bang.

Click here for more information about The Boardroom Skate Park.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

The Ledge in FD2D Magazine

As you probably know, we've got a shop on Leicester high-street. Who knows, you might have already been in to see us.

Well, if you're a student and live in Leicester, boy have we got news for you. First of all, you're now lucky enough to have FD2D; the city's first independent student magazine dedicated to you. It's filled with articles, reviews and a host of money-saving vouchers.

Secondly, The Ledge now offers all students 10% off our full range if you come in and see us in store.

FD2D recently popped in to The Ledge nd wrote about us, as well as lots of other shops, in their magazine. This is what they had to say about us:

"Although The Ledge is a high street store, it's clear the moment you set foot in the place that it is very much an independent specialist store."

"At first sight, I thought it wasn't for me, but give this place a chance and you'll realise that there is actually a selection of styles suitable for everything from going out to a gig, a party, to chilling out at the park in the summer. The outrageous, understated and general fashionistas are all catered for in this underrated store and if you are not a hardcore skater but like to look like one as and when it suits you, get yourself down to the Ledge."

So we were chuffed with that!

Midlands BMX Championships

If you're anyone who's anyone, you were at the Midlands BMX Championships in Derby a few weeks back. Of course, The Ledge was there to enthusiastically cheer on the riders.

We were joined by Shanaze Reade, 2008 World Women's BMX Champion and finalist at the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games who opened the Championships at Alvaston Park, Derby. Riders flocked from across the country and the event is a great example of just how many aspiring BMX Olympic hopefuls there is out there.

We took some snaps of our day out - here's a few of the best ones!

For loads more great pictures of the event, take a look at the British Cycling Events website.

If you were there and grabbed any pics or vids, send them through to us at and we'll put 'em on our blog and stick your name next to them.

We're still building the BMX section of our website, but feel free to take a look at what we've got so far.

Skatin' Acres

We recently announced the winner of our competition to win one of our Ledge Decks.

Here's a picture of Matt Acres (aged 12) collecting his prize.

Good to see ya Matt dude - now you can always skate the ledge!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Competition winners...

Last week, we asked you to send in your pictures and promised the winner one of our Ledge Decks.

Well, take a bow Matt Acres Matt Acres (aged 12) who sent in this picture of him ollieing the three set at Skeg Vegas plaza. Our runners-up, who all get a Unabomber DVD, are also pictured below. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Matt Acres, competition winner

Sean Millward

Brogan Dooley

Lewis Brown

Matt Acres again (he sent us two photos ya see)

Introducing Jimmy of Team Ledge...

We're making something of a habit of introducing you to members of Team Ledge, and this week's no different - ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Jimmy 'Jim' Cliffords.

In typically nosey fashion, we asked Jimbob a few questions so we can all get to know him a bit better.

Q#1. So how old are you Jim? 16

Q#2. And how many of those years have been spent skating? About the last four I think!

Q#3. So who sponsors you to skate? I'm lucky enough to be sponsored by The Ledge and Boardroom Skatepark.

Q#4. What's your favourite Leicester spot? The Boardroom and the Fletcher Six!

Q#5. Do you have a favourite Brand? I love DC stuff. Anything in XL hip-hop style ya know!

Q#6. And a favourite skater? Erik Koston and Terry Kennedy.

Q#7. What's on your iPod at the moment? Full Effect by Tinch Stryder; An MC from London.

Here's Jim nailing a nose grind front shove out...innit!

A bit thanks to Matt Clarke for the photo.